Empowering Agile Coaches: Exploring the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel

Comparative Agility
2 min readDec 13, 2023

This article was inspired by the webinar ‘Everyone is an Agile Coach’ with Bob Galen and Mark Summers.

In the world of Agile methodologies, being an Agile coach isn’t just a title — it’s a blend of skills and mindsets that go beyond the traditional. Recently, Comparative Agility hosted a virtual webinar on Zoom titled ‘Everyone is an Agile Coach,’ led by two experts, Bob Galen and Mark Summers.

The virtual space of Zoom became a hub for intriguing discussions that went beyond the norm. Bob Galen, known for his unique hobby of collecting potato heads and his passion for supporting Agile coaches, highlighted the need for these skills in today’s changing world. His focus wasn’t on titles or ranks but on how Agile coaching competencies could empower anyone in a people-centric environment.

Mark Summers, wearing different hats as an internal Agile coach, trainer, and change agent, added depth to the conversation. His perspective emphasized the essential competencies needed in a dynamic world, where Agile principles weren’t just about guiding teams but also about leading transformative change.

Their conversation revolved around the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel, a structured framework influenced by the pioneering work of Michael Spade and Lyssa Adkins. This wheel wasn’t just a visual aid; it was a roadmap for individuals to evaluate and enhance their coaching skills, categorized across different competence levels — beginner, practitioner, guide, and catalyst.

Bob and Mark didn’t stop at competencies; they emphasized the importance of mindset. They highlighted traits such as curiosity, belief in growth, and empathy as foundational for any Agile coach. These attributes were more than just checkboxes; they formed the essence of successful coaching journeys.

The webinar wasn’t just about theories and concepts; it was a call to action. Attendees left with more than knowledge; they carried a renewed motivation to apply these learnings in their daily lives.

Agile Coaches, take a look at Agile Coaching PI! It’s a fantastic self-assessment tool designed specifically to help you evaluate your coaching skills. This robust resource isn’t just about self-assessment; it’s a way to understand where you stand in your coaching journey and a roadmap to elevate your skills.

The full webinar recording is available here.